Enki Eyewear//AksumAfrica Campaign 2013

In early 2013 I was lucky enough to travel to Africa to shoot Enki Eyewear’s first campaign. We stayed and worked with the stunning Mursi tribe for over two weeks. When we first landed in the capital Addis, everyday was a challenge. From being followed for days by secret government police who mistakenly took us for illegal journos, to being harassed constantly by the local town Mafia. Needless to say, these were just some of the challenges we were up against on this shoot. All of this hard work made our adventure so much more rewarding, our story and images reflect the beauty of this amazing country and it’s incredible people.

A huge thank you to Emanuel Cheneke, our guide and dear friend. Without him this would not have been possible. A special thank you also to the Mursi tribe for their hospitality and an experience that we will never forget.